Hallenstein Brothers, more commonly referred to as Hallensteins, is a New Zealand based men's fashion, street and lifestyle retailer.

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Tops, Jackets & Jumpers
Shorts, Jeans & Pants
Suits & Cufflinks
Scarves & Gloves
Hats, Belts, Wallets & Sunglasses
Shoes & Jandals
Jewellery & Watches


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Whenever I venture into a hallensteins store I am quite surprised by their ever expanding range of MAN THINGS - by which i mean cool accessories and trinkets that dudes are into. A pretty good place to stop in when shopping for a male.

The staff are so helpful as if there is something not available on the shelf they will place an order for you. If your looking for a birthday gift for a friend they have a wide range of shirts and other clothings. We bought some shirts and ties.

Hallensteins do nice, cheap suits plus have a good variety of casual guys clothes. The suits are not made to measure so you have to fit the regular sizes but it's good if you want to sort out your work wardrobe without paying a lot. 

They have all the things that guys need... Vests and shorts forthr summer and they have all you need for the winter too. The store has a wicked lay out so you are not cramped or pushed around so yo have some space to move around and your free to shop on your own leisure.

As a woman, I still really love the shirts here. :)

the clothes are stylish and nice, good quality for the price you pay, its amazing being a guy and shopping here it makes life easier!

Hallensteins is the go to place for affordable comfortable clothing. Being a guy's only store (as far as the clothing goes...they let girls go shop there as well) no-one looks at you funny if you ask how to match a shirt and tie together...which frankly is of paramount importance to me! They stock everything for the male in need of clothing, from casual jeans and t-shirts all teh way through to full suits, business shirts and accessories (Cuff links, ties, belts). Great for when you need a suit for school or for every day wear to the office as it won't cost you an arm and a leg like the designer brands, but still leaves you looking plenty sharp enough. I've been shopping here since I was in school and it's usually the first port of call when 'she who must be obeyed' starts to point out that there's more hole than t-shirt in my hang around the house wardrobe.... Check it out. It's a win win.

The last time I was here around Christmas I bought three pairs of men's shorts for the man of the house, which fitted well, wore well and still look extremely good considering the thrashing  they've been through over summer.  Jobs around the house, the beach, clearing out under the house, the garden, mowing the lawns, pruning the trees and much more.   Hallensteins means quality menswear which will last.