Harvey Norman is a large Australian-based, multi-national drop shipping business of furniture, bedding, computers, communications and consumer electrical products.

Products and specialities

TV & Audio, Phone & GPS, Gaming & Toys, Home Appliances, Whiteware, Furniture, Bedding, Personal Care & Health, Gift Cards, Computers & Tablets, Apple Products.


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50 months interest free on all computers are the best

Got a great deal on a genuine leather lounge suite after a bit of haggling.Let's hope they back it up with after sales service.

Comment by KL
Great :)

I love this store as they have a huge range, but a pleasant suprise i got was when i bought this gas heater. We have had it for a few years and it works.so well- such a great quality product. Harvey norman always has specials so.it is easy to grab a bargain!

Comment by KL
Good review :)

Great store- very large. Several large buildings on the end of Wairau Park closest to the motorway entrance and exit. Can go down the special road that leads to this end straight off motorway. Have come here many times. Huge range, huge. Staff in every department- friendly and willing to help. Great service. Loving our new retro kettle and toaster (Recent purchase).

Harvey Norman in Wairau Park is an amazing store for pretty much everything you would need. The electronics sold are of good quality and good prices the staff are always friendly and very helpful when it comes to trying to find out which is the best buy. The store has a great layout and lighting creating a great atmosphere and an amazing shopping experience! 

Comment by KL
Nice review :)

I have been getting my computer stuff from here for years simply because they have a ton of different models in stock that other specialist PC stores may not. You really are spoilt for choice as there are rows and rows of laptops, PCs, games etc. They also have a very impressive range of cameras and camera accessories that you can browse at your convenience. Prices aren't too bad as well and are fairly close to the internet prices on bargain sites.

Comment by KL
Great review :)

Harvey Norman Wairau Park is the best place on the North Shore for all types of homewares. Bedding, furniture, electronics and more! All right next door to each other. Electronics are always  priced reasonably and offer extensive after purchase service and assistance.

Comment by KL
Nice review :)

I was here the other day after having problems with my phone which is only about 6 months old. The staff were so helpful and efficient and were quick to help me and to help me find out if we were covered by insurance! They were not able to give me a definitive answer so we left and shortly after the staff member rang to infor me of his findings! I wish all staff could be this efficient! Thank you for training your staff so well :-)

Comment by KL
Super review :)

Harvey Norman is a good store with a huge amount of stock and vast range. My favourate part that i use regularly is their photo service. I love that i can log on from home and load my photos to their web page and order a print job and once they are ready i get emailed and can pop in and pick them up with no hassle. It really is a fantastic photo service. Harvey Norman have great deals and offer really good promotions which makes purchasing items at a good price a breeze!

Comment by KL
Superb review :)

quite good deal, especially computers:)

Comment by KL
Nice :)