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Yakitori Stuwers, Sake & Japanese Beers, FreshSashmi


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Lovely atmosphere to go with amazing food.

I love the seating, the friendly staff and the amazing food. We have tried almost everything on the menu and everything has been so tasty so far. The only thing that was a little underwhelming is the fried squid. The cheesy salmon and bacon wrapped prawns are some favourites.

My local Japanese on Lunn Ave. Lots of variety from snacks to full meals.

The food was great.. the eggplant was absolutely amazing!! Great variety of food to choose from.. will definitely come back again

I love how in Japanese restaurants you can choose an array of dishes to try. Skewers, sushi, octopus balls, the list of dishes we tried was long. Was greeted immediately when we walked in the door and shown to a table. Hokkaido is a cosy restaurant with a limited number of seats available - I saw then turn away a few customers coz the place was already full. Order was taken quickly and slowly the dishes started appearing in front of us. Great lively atmosphere.

A really nice warm atmosphere, married up with amazing food & great service, had me wanting more! I love Japanese, so was looking forward to a tasy meal, crunchy Edamame beans and nice miso with tofu bits. And that is EXACTLY what I got! Bathrooms clean, service friendly, food cooked to perfection. I'll be back!

Take a trip to Hokkaido and find a very friendly team of staff, a menu with delicious looking meals, a carefully thought out layout and decor, and most importantly, the BEST Green Tea Ice-cream ever! I have been there a few times, have tried many of their dishes, and would have to recommend them all. It was on my last visit that I tried their Green Tea Ice-cream, which I never knew could taste so good. I've actually thought about making special trips there just for their Green Tea Ice-cream. Hokkaido is definitely my favorite Japanese Restaurant in Auckland, and I would recommend it to anyone.

We have dined a number of times here and always received respectful friendly service with typical Japanese charm. The staff welcomes you as a treasured guest. Food is served promptly and is delicious Japanese fare. We were surprised and delighted when the birthday diner was presented with an ice cream sundae with burning candle and the staff stopped to sing Happy Birthday. This really made a happy occasion into one of delight. Well done Hokkaido, you are a local treasure. We'll be back.