Hollywood Fish Farm is a pet shop in Auckland specialising in Tropical Fish and tanks from popular suppliers like Aqua One. Our pet shop is the best in NZ

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very good, everybody likes this fish aquarium.

very good, everybody likes this fish aquarium.

Amazing range of fish!

Comment by Hollywood Fish Farm A.
Thanks for the feedback :)

Friendly staff, love it!

I always shop here for anything to do with my tropical tank. They have been so helpful when I had some issues with the water quality after a big water change when moving house. When I buy new fish for the tank, the staff are always careful to make sure that they are suitable for my community tank. 

These people know what they are talking about when it comes to fish. I had a breed of fish that was sick and I took a sample of the water in and the experts there were able to tell me straight away what the problem was. They have a hige selection of fish and other sea creatures, as well as things to decorate the tank.

I have to commend the guy we saw yesterday. He asked all the right questions about what we had in our tank first before giving us the fish we wanted. He was very helpful with his knowledge of what is compatible with what and made suggestions from there. Very good service! We will be doing all of our shopping for fish here from now on.

What a great shop, Best I have seen in NZ! Great range of stuff at great prices, very friendly staff.