Iguana was established in 1996 and is one of Hamilton’s original Restaurants. Located in the heart of the Café & Restaurant mecca at the south end of Victoria St.

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A great place for a big function or intimate dining. Nice food and a range of places to eat.

My fav thing about iguana is $6 dessert Tuesdays! Can't complain! Other than that the food is great and the atmosphere is relaxing. I enjoyed a nice 3 course meal with my parents while sitting by the fire. 10/10 #shoutme

Head to Sweet Tooth Tuesday at Iguanas for deals on some of the yummiest desserts. With all the classics such as sticky toffee pudding, brownie and brulee you’ll be spoilt for choice. I went there with a girlfriend not long ago and we took on the Chocolate Overload with a couple of Irish coffees. Hugely decadent and definitely overloading… but very delicious and lots of fun.

A welcoming wide and open dining area, with an awesome food and drinks menu, large spacious tables for groups, little ones for intimacy. I indulged myself with the sweet pizza last time I went- a gooey banoffee delight! So yum. They've also got a nice little garden style patio area.

Definitely worth a visit at any time of the year, but they always do a good job of the Wild Food Challenge and have one of the biggest dining rooms in the central city.