K C Cafe is one of those restaurants that is well known in the hospitality industry. Chefs all know about it and will often go there after they've finished worked at their fancy restaurant.

Looking at the enormous menu on the wall can be daunting but word on the street is - pick from the lower half of the menu, you'll avoid sweet and sour pork and get to sink your teeth to their delicious traditional Chinese dishes that they have on offer.


Price Range Cheap & cheerful
Ambience Lively
Noise level Bustling
Food Options Vegetarian

Products and specialities

chinese, malaysian, traditional, takeaway


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No night out is complete without a meal at KC's.  They have a huge range of food and it comes out nice and quick!  KC's is also good during the week too ;)

Once you go past the sweet and sour pork there is a lot of really traditional chinese food on offer at K C Cafe, chances are if you’ve never heard of it before it is going to be good!

K C Cafe is a diamond in the rough. To be blunt, the cafe isn't the most attractive, nor does it have much street presence. But once you get past that, it's obvious why the extensive menu draws in crowds of late night diners week after week. The meals are delicious, satisfying, and best of all, well-priced. If you are unsure where to start, the Roti Chenai and the Satay Squid will definitely leave you wondering why you never stopped by earlier.

It looks unassuming but KC is great for cheap eats. All your Chinese takeaway favourites are there but  look further down the menu and there you'll find authentic Chinese food. Or if you are feeling game, point and see where your finger lands on the menu by the till that is entirely in Mandarin, it is my favourite way to eat at KC Cafe and I've never been disappointed. 

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