Kapai New Zealand, keeping it local, fresh, good.


Price Range Cheap & cheerful
Ambience Lively
Accepts credit cards Yes
Noise level Upbeat
Licence Alcohol free
Food Options Organic food, Gluten free, Vegetarian

Products and specialities

Toasted flat bread, salads, wraps, baked potatoes, soups etc.


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In it for the sweet salads and healthy snacks, all at a reasonable price, these guys can be spotted around Wellington serving fine, cheap salads to health heads. It’s a place were you know what you’re going to get, and its all super tasty and super affordable. Its something well worth trying out!

Fresh, delicious food with a smile and with style. YUM

Nutritious, tasty goodness on the cheap. Between 5-7pm every day, Kapai sells a selection of their delicious Long Johns (think Kiwi themed, healthy kebabs) for just 6 bucks. Their RRP of between $10-12 dollars are a steal, so get in after work for a fast feed which you couldn't even begin to make at home for a measly $6. 

In the States, takeaway salad restaurants were a dime a dozen. But here in Wellington, I've found them harder to come by-- making them so much more valuable when you stumble across one. Looking for all intents like any regular cafe from the outside, Kapai is actually a secret haven for some serious greens. Look for them in the expansive salad bar, but also in your drink-- their green smoothie is tasty enough to make me wonder whether they pour straight sugar in with the fruit (though I suspect the answer to that would be a resounding no). With locations across the city and the option to eat in or take away, you'll have no excuse not to meet your daily serving of fruits and veges by lunch time.

Fast, affordable, nutritious and delicious fast food, I thought was a deluded fantasy until I experienced Kapai! The wraps were exquisite, filled with natural nutrient laden ingredients. Roast pumpkin, feta cheese, cashew nuts and generous quantities of salad for well under ten dollars! All topped off with quality service and the traditional kiwiana feel! I will definitely be exploring the various menu options (catering for gluten free and vegetarian) in depth very soon!  

Quality food.  Fresh, healthy, and delicious.

Healthy yet tasty salad bar.