"Le Marché Francais" is located in the fabulous Woolstore building in Thorndon. You will find the finest Delicatessen with a wide choice of the best French cheeses, saucisson, gourmet food... and Le Cafe Bistro serving delicious Authentic French Cuisine!

Products and specialities

Cheese - Goat - Raw milk, Goat - Pasteurised milk, Sheep - Raw milk, Sheep - Pasteurised milk, Cow - Raw milk, Cow - Pasteurised milk.

Deli products - vinegars, fine mustards, duck confit, duck rillettes, sardines, confectionary


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Le Marche Francais is a café and a cheese store. You can enjoyed wonderful French foods made by the chief Veronique. And after that you can go to the store and appreciate the biggest range of cheese in Wellington. Mainly made from raw milk and directly imported from France, le Marche Francais proposes the best quality of French and European cheeses.

Their orange and chocolate tart is incredible. I think about it all the time. It’s dark and intense but at no point will you need to surrender the remains to your jealous companions. It’s too good for words, just go and get one!

Located in the Woolstore Building in Thorndon, this cute little shop stocks the best range of French cheeses in Wellington! They also stock all the good stuff like preserves, mustard and chocolate. The shop is conveniently across the hall from the Le Marche Francais cafe so you can pop in for a coffee and French treat on your way in or out!

A Thorndon friend had raved about this cafe and as the Mr had a well placed football bye (the cafe isn’t open on Sundays) we decided to stroll down Thorndon Quay to check out Le Marche Francais. I am so happy we did. The lunches were tasty and filling and the chef advised she only cooks the food she loves, the sort of meals eaten at home with family in France. But the highlight was definitely dessert! They had an assortment of delicious cakes, macarons and other delights but I couldn’t go past the chocolate orange tart. Served with an amazing orange marmalade I couldn’t get enough! I can’t wait until the winter sports season is over so I can share my sweet discovery with more friends. They also have a market in the area across from the cafe where they sell an array of cheeses and other French produce. Très bien