Long Bay Regional Park is located in the East Coast Bays, just north of Auckland City.

The beach is great for sun bathing, sand castles, swimming- you name it! The reserve provides the right amount of shade for picnics, BBQ's, games and more.

The views are stunning all around, and even better while on the Coastal Walk or Nature Trail.

Perfect for a family day out or even just to chill with your mates, it's easy to see why Long Bay is one of the most popular beaches!

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Awesome beach

Love Long Bay. The beach is great; Vaughan Park Retreat Centre is awesome and the walk up the coastline towards Okura gorgeous.

Long Bay is gorgeous. Vaughan Park Retreat Centre is fabulous. The walk up and around the coastline towards Okura is awesome.

My church usually goes to Long Bay at the end of the year for church trips, its one of my church tradition. There is usually a lot of spaces when you call them early to book. They have a playground which they have upgraded for the kids, bbqs, the beach is great to go for a stroll & a great place to relax.

A lovely beach, miss the old train and resturant

I have special memories from the late 70`s of this place... as a child I would swim and play here with my brother... magical precious memories of my family... tragically lost my dad when we lived in Glenfield... then 2 years later my mum when we moved back to UK, so for me I will always have a pull back here to this place and others... one day i will return. X

With sand that seems to stretch for miles... you can let the kiddies go wild. We always enjoy a day at Long Bay - with bbq areas available and awesome walks... it always makes for a good day out.

The regional park has a beach is a pretty good place to walk through with the sand dunes on one side, the ocean on the other, the sunny sky right above and the warm sands beneath your feet.

The jewel of Aucklands East Coast Bays, Long Bay is idyllic, inviting and inspirational. Nature calls you into her sweet embrace to recharge and reflect.

You may have seen 10 year old boys hitting the beach on boards skimming across the shallow water and thought to yourself what on earth are they doing? Well things are as they appear, welcome to the art of skimboarding. It may look easy, but trust me, unless you are a young one with awesome balance or a skilled skateboarder then you will probably end up in the water more than you would like to admit . With enough practice though you will perfect the glide and Long Bay is one of my absolute favourite places to practice. As the name suggests, its long - which means if you head right to the end you get the privacy you need while you work on becoming a pro. Did I mention it is a killer leg workout? Say hello to toned thighs and tight abs. Because the boards are so light make sure to head to the beach when there is little wind and pick up some surf wax on the way for grip. This beach gets packed in the summer time so try and get their before midday to get a park and a prime spot on the sand.

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