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My favourite place !

depends on who makes it sometimes but mostly its really god and the service is excellent

It's rare now to find a breakfast / brunch place that offers variety, but Mozaik is amazing!  They make their own hashbrown, have to die for venison sausages and the corn fritter benedict is mouth watering.  There are the traditional favourites but a lot of new things to try.  They are spread out over the city and a must for a sunday morning!

Deceptive from the outside, it looks like a small coffee shop but is actually quite large! Great for a business lunch where you need a bit of privacy and great food. The waitresses are very on to it . 

I've walked past this place quite a few times and didn't even notice it was there. It opens earlier than the other cafes around Parnell so I've checked it out a few times. It's a large place, deceptive from the road, and does a good selection of breakfast and lunch choices. The coffee was a little disappointing, but that said, it is still worth it for a lunch.

Have been here for breakfast, lunch and after work drinks and it’s a great cafe. They also have all the space out the back so there is never any trouble getting a seat. I don’t drink coffee but I’ve been told they make a pretty good one

If you love hollandaise sauce on anything then this is the cafe for you.  The Hash-brown Bendict is eggs and bacon served on a homemade cheesy hash-brown smothered with Hollandaise Sauce, it is so divine.  My Hubby went for beans on toast with a twist, homemade beans with venison sausage on toast, it was one of a kind and kept hubby happy. They have an amazing seating area, complete with fireplace, inside the old heritage building. The table service that just makes the whole meal more relaxed, and the icing on the cake , they roast their own coffee beans!