Kiwis are know for their love of a good pie and Muzza's Pies, open 7 days a week, certainly doesn't disappoint!
It may not quite be in line with your diet, but everyone deserves a treat now and then so why not tuck into one of their famous steak and cheese pies, the delicious chicken and cranberry, and if you like your pie with a bit of a kick try the Mexican with its mince, chilli beans, sour cream and cheese.
Available in single and family size, you can also choose from a range of fruit pies for a great dessert option.


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Nestled in the sleepy suburb of Howick is Muzza’s pies, which is well worth a drive out to. The smaller pies are the most cost-effective on this list but I would say you should definitely go all out and get a family sized pie so everyone at home can experience the joy of pie. If it’s on offer when you go, grab the steak and oyster pie for the sake of exploration.

Some of the best pies in NZ. Staff are very friendly

Muzzas Pies is an Auckland institution. Located in Howick Village, this smallish shop has one of the best range of quality pies out East. A local's favourite for many years, Muzzas is always right there on my list of top pie spots. Their slogan is "Buy one or we'll both starve!". Must try pie: Mexican style with chill.

Great tasting pies in Howick! Awesome selection of pies and lunch items.

I usually get a nice steak and cheese pie, because nothing beats flaky pie pastry enveloping huge chunky bits of steak, with some yummy melted cheese to compliment.  I got their steak and cheese pie for around $4, and on the first bite I was disappointed as it was mostly pastry. I'd say the filling itself is 70% gravy and 3% meat/cheese.  The gravy was also slightly salty, so not really impressed despite the rave reviews.

Kiwis love a good pie, and every neighbourhood deserves to have a good local pie shop. Muzza's Pies located in the center of Howick township certainly fills that need very well. The shop is small but nicely laid out, with 2 big pie cabinents filled with a wide variety. There's the usual favourites such as Mince and Cheese, Steak, Chicken and Vegetable, and then there are Butter Chicken, Lamb and Mint, Smoked Fish, to really "out there" offerings such as Steak and Oyster, and Chicken Cranberry and Camembert Cheese. They also have dessert pies such as Apple and Berries. In short, there's bound to be something for everyone. I picked 2 pies out to try with a friend. The chicken cranberry and camembert cheese combination is perhapes better known on a gourmet pizza or a bread roll. It's tasty, but wasn't the flavour profile we were expecting... the cranberry is very subtle, almost non-existant, while we barely notice the camembert inside. Still a good pie, but the name stood out more than how it tasted. I love a good seafood pie, especially one advertising smoked fish, as not a lot of places offer one. So I was a bit disappointed when I took a bite into their smoked fish pie, it was much milder than other smoked fish pie I've had before. Overall, the pastry/pie crust is nice and flakey, and the filling well seasoned and tasty, however I'd have loved to see their gourmet and "out there" unique offerings bolder with a bigger flavour. If you are craving a pie and living in the neighbourhood, drop in and grab yourself one as Muzza's Pies definately have you covered. Not sure if it's really worth the drive from central/town just to get one for myself though.

If you're in the mood for a pie, Muzzas has you covered. Huge selection of pies and a few flavors I've not seen at a pie place before. The venue is very small but it's packed with pies as well as dessert ones. Mmmmmmmm. 

By far the best savoury pie places in Howick. They also have really tasty sweet pies and other sweet stuff. Good prices too.

First off, I must say, I am the hardest person to please when it comes to pies. Seriously. The general experience I have with pies leads to them being thrown in the nearest rubbish and my appetite being ruined. But Muzza's, I've been going here for years. Never once have I met disappointment! Their pies are amazing! And it's been really nice to be met by the same faces every visit. The best pie - Steak. Always.

One of the things my mother used to do for me if I was off school sick, was bring me home a hot pie for my lunch.  She would know if I was REALLY sick if I didn't eat it!  Now when I am off work sick, I like to continue that tradition, and I'm so lucky to be in close vicinity to Muzza's Pies.  The pies are always fresh and tasty and never disappoint, plus the prices are very reasonable. I've always liked the tagline of this store too... "Buy one or we'll both starve".  Haha!