Oporto Fresh grilled chicken and burgers - home of the iconic Bondi Burger and our legendary chilli sauce since 1986. Made the same way since back in the day.

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Chargrilled Chicken and Burgers, Fresh Not Frozen, Grilled Not Fried, Salads, Wraps, Mash and gravy, chips, dessert, meals and other offers


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I love Oporto's, as does my fiance, and there aren't many around so often we kind of have to do to this one if we want to eat it. The sauces are delicious and the chicken, bread and salad feels so much more real than the McDonald's across the way. But I really can't stand giving them my business half the time because the service is just so poor. Alright, they've never messed up my order and it's pretty darned quick. But would it kill them to smile? Or say hello perhaps? I worked at Subway for years, I know it's not always the most exhilarating occupation, but customer service is important and learning to smile when you don't always feel like it is (or should be) a part of the job. 

Easy to eat when you’re in a rush getting things done at Botany mall. Service is prompt when there’s not too many people.

The food is ok and service is fine. Expensive for what you get.