Paetiki Bakery is the proud winner of the 2012 Gold Award for their seafood pie. Stop by to sample a range of their fantastic pies, cakes, and other goodies.


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I love these guys seafood pies . They're not just standard fish pies, they're every seafood pies! Mussells, squid, prawn - it's a seafood lovers dream winter meal. Definitely worth a try for anyone wanting something a wee bit different.

These guys have had their seafood pie named the best of pies in 2012, and I can totally see why. Divine creamy seafood filling, baked in a crusty, golden pastry shell. So much yum in one plate that I keep going back for more.

An award-winning bakery that's recently been nominated as one of the best places to buy a vegetarian pie in New Zealand. It's where we often stop when we head through the Central North Island and is perfect if you're not a meat-lover.

The best sausage rolls, like EVER, there’s pies galore and they do a loyalty stamp card thing resulting in FREE PIE!!! What’s not to love about that scenario??