The Lebanese owners of Phoenician Falafel have being making proper Middle Eastern kebabs for 16 years. No shaved off peelings from a rotating slab of reconstituted meat. Rather cubes of marinated goodness cooked slowly over an open grill. Not only tasty, they are also good value at $8.

To stave off your hunger cravings, pop some baklava while you patently wait for you meal to cook. As there is little sitting space, recommend is the takeaway option. Kababs always taste better whilst window shopping anyway.

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While the Phoenicians may be long gone, their cuisine lives on right here in the Capital. Not just kebabs and falafel this delightful eatery of Cuba, run by the awesome Elie, is serving up tapas. The baklava is always fresh and the shawarma are the best in Wellington.

What can I say? Phoenician Falafel has long been the ultimate kebab outlet in Wellington. Tony’s Lebanese cooking is second to none, the selection is impeccable - and whether you’re after meat, chicken or vegetarian options, your stomach will thank you. Incredible decor as well.

Of all the kebab places in all the cities that I have tried, this rates number one. I rarely get the chance to try food so traditional and fresh tasting. I recommend the chicken Shawarma with added falafel. Rumour has it that these guys that run the store, make all the ingredients themselves.

Look at all this delicious food - cant wait to get it in my belly!! New menu and new fit out on Cuba street!!

Love my take aways, but Phoenician Falafel lets you be healthy and yum at the same time! Their chicken kebab came highly recommended from the father/son duo - and rightly so! Their home made garlic mayo is the best I’ve ever tasted!

Turns out this is a great place to grab a kebab on the way to the movies - especially if you don't have messy food eating anxieties. 

The most authentic Lebanese cuisine you will find in Wellington. Opened by the Aasaf family in 1997 when their son was at primary school, son Elie Aasaf has now expanded the business and opened up his own shop on Cuba street.