Regal Chinese Restaurant offers delicious Chinese Cuisine with a grand view overlooking Courtenay Place.

Service is quick and although yum cha culture can be a whole new experience Regal Chinese Restaurant will make things easy for you if you are a yum cha newbie in Wellington.

The decoration is simple but the food is simply amazing.


Price Range Reasonable
Ambience Lively
Accepts credit cards Yes
Noise level Upbeat
Licence This venue is licenced
Food Options Vegetarian


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  • HolidaysClosed

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The original yum cha restaurant in Wellington, Regal have a huge range of delicious morsels both sweet and savoury. I highly recommend their char siu bao and sticky rice. If you’re feeling brave, try their chickens feet, surprisingly yum. If you don’t mind wrangling with a bit of bone, their ribs are tasty too.

One of the original yum cha restaurants of Wellington, they also do an impressive dinner. Try their orange beef! Incredible!

Quality food with a view of Courtney Place

There is nothing better to do on a rainy day than eat yum cha. Regal is one of the best yum cha venues and on a rainy day you can sit by the steamy window and watch as the drizzle washes down Courtenay Place. With a wide selection of delciousness — from pan fried pork dumplings and custard buns — to the unusual — tripe and chicken feet — you will leave full as a bull.

I've been a long-time fan of Regal's yum cha. It is probably not only the most affordable place to have yum cha in the city, but also perhaps the best in terms of both range and quality. You can take for granted that the classics are quality - pork buns, shrimp dumplings, roast duck. But save some space for those coconut buns and egg custard tarts. Be sure to book in advance!

Asian treats - best yum cha is Wellington!

There are many chinese restaurants open for Yum Cha but this is consistently the best. Recommend booking early and eating before 12.30 before it gets really busy.