Regional Wine is New Zealand's fine wine, beer and spirits online supplier. We stock beverages from every part of the world as well as New Zealand.

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2700 wines, 300 beers, 280 whiskies and 500 spirits & liqueurs


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So, before all this crazy craft beer took over every bar in Wellington the place I always went to with my dad to get nice beers and wines was here, it used to be pretty much the only place you could get Garage Project outside of a bar. Stocking a range of international and NZ made beers, you can buy riggers here as well as the usual bottled varieties. Check out the wines and spirits for some great prices on classy items, a good place to drop by for your Christmas time stock up.

Living just up the road from this alcohol mecca, Regional Wines has turned into my very own form of kryptonite. A peek at their staggering selection of craft beers, however, will hopefully make this curse more understanding to a non-believer.  

Arguably the best spot in Wellington to buy beer, wine and liquor. The staff really know their booze, the prices are good and there’s always something a bit different to discover on the shelves.

I was in heaven. I've never seen a bottle shop quite like it. Regional Wines and Spirits flips the bird at commercial/mainstream suppliers, preferring to fill their shelves with only the very best quality, beers, wines and spirits. Check out their beer fringe! Oh My God