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Must for every aucklanders...

Good alternative if you're not quite ready to skydive or bungy jump. You get the best view in central Auckland at the top of the Sky Tower before you take into your controlled jump back to street level. Great fun and adrenaline rush! 

SkyCity is where you'll find New Zealand's highest jump (pictured). Called SkyJump, it is one of Auckland City's “don't miss!” experiences - leaping off Auckland's famous Sky Tower - 192 metres straight down! You'll fall very fast (approximately 85 kph) for around 11 seconds, and then it’s a smooth landing below. They also offer the SkyWalk, which let’s you walk 360 degrees around the Sky Tower with nothing but air either side of you.

Had an amazing jump …. The staff were fabulous x

The SkyJump is interesting. Definitely a step down from a bungy or a skydive but would be terrifying for those with a fear of heights. They put you in a hilarious looking jumpsuit, take you up the tower and then attach you to the harness. The scariest bit is definitely standing on the edge of the platform (feels like walking the plank) and looking over. That and the fact that you have to convince your body to step off a ridiculously high building. Once you have stepped off however, all the fear is gone. The fall is really controlled and feels it. They stop to dangle you outside of the viewing level to amuse guests to the tower (make sure before you go up that they haven't put you in the suit with the brown bum) take your photo and then let you down to the bottom. A fun experience but not the thrill of your life.

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