It is our mission to encourage humane treatment of all animals, and to prevent the cruelty that may be inflicted upon them. This is to be achieved by providing a shelter for animals requiring care and attention, with facilities that cater for their needs and ensuring the promotion of successful long term adoptions for suitable animals.

We promote a humane understanding of all animals by influencing the public perception of animals through education and example. We also seek the active and financial support of the public to assist in the accomplishment of these undertakings.

Products and specialities

Encourage humane treatment of animals according to the Animal Welfare Act 1999, rescue of animals in need, medical care & check-ups,adoption services, prosecuting deliberate acts of violence or extreme neglect, education & advice on animal care


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Lovely knowledge staff, doing a great job.

This place was great went and found out new kitten for our household.. the first lady we dealt with was amazing so helpful

If your cat needs de-sexing, the SPCA will do it for significantly cheaper than most veterinarians - just $70, and even less if you’ve got a community services card. If you can get out to Mangere it’s definitely worth the savings.

I pop in to have a look at the animals, the caretakers are lovely and so helpful. 

I love that there's a place where animals get the TLC they search for 

I volunteered here once and the people here are so caring and loving when it comes to all animals

I love all animals. I love how you guys help the ones that can't speak. Keep it up. :)

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