Spotlight is Australia's largest supplier of fabric, craft, party, home interiors, curtains, blinds, and more. They have stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, and employ over 6,700 team members. Spotlight offers a wide range of products i...

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The Spotlight stores cater for most of your fabric needs whether you are looking for dressmaking supplies, curtain fabric or upholstery.

Big shop with lots of choice. You can always get a good range of patterns and they have pretty much everything you need. If you can't find it elsewhere, you'll probably find it here.

Great fabric, bargains and craft ideas.

Comment by KL
Concur :)

Like going to this store for all those little crafty knick knacks- I'm sure they have almost everything under the sun. A huge range- and it's easy to spend a lot of time just browsing- even if you aren't after anything in particular. Most of the staff are great, have met a few surly, unhappy staff members. Would recommend for anything to do with sewing, crafts, stationary, hobbies etc

A wonderful store to browse about looking for materials for projects.  Whether its something for yourself or looking for things to do with the kids there is always something that catches your eye or inspires your creative side to try your hand at a craft.  A big range to choose from, you can almost get lost amoungst the paints and fabrics!

Comment by KL
Nice review :)

This place inspires me to make something, there are so many crafty items. Double level with so many materials and nick nacky things it is great. For scrap booking or knitting or even planning a birthday party there are so many things to help creat masterpieces. Staff are hit and miss but for the good prices and the great items it is fine.

Comment by KL
Good review :)

very friendly helpful and knowledgeable staff, good selection of fabrics etc, sometimes a bit messy

Comment by KL
Nice :)

Purchased a sewing machine yesterday from Spotlight in Wairau Park. Because I was a VIP card member and the had a $40 coupn off $100 purchase in their latest catalogue I was able to buy the machine for myself and my daughter for under $150! It was a great saving and the service was awesome! 

Comment by KL
Awesome review :)

Just a quick note to say thank-you for your wonderful service. Not sure of the customer service rep. I spoke to, but never-the-less, she made me feel very welcome. I look forward to my next visit (which will most likely be in the near future) Aspire Advisors Growing & Protecting Your Wealth 

Comment by KL
Neat review :)

I bought two cool water hyacinth chairs off Trademe.  When they arrived I decided they were a bit hard and needed cushions but I didnt want to ruin the look of them.  The local furniture stores ( well some) sold cushions but they were $70 each. I couldn't believe it. So I made the trip out to Spotlight and found exactly what I wanted for $19.95 each.  I was so thrilled.  Spotlight is amazing. It has so much stuff and off the cuff items when looking for something unique or like me something particular this is well worth the visit.

Comment by KL
Great review :)