Kiwi Property Group Limited is a New Zealand NZX-listed company, formerly a real estate investment trust, that owns many properties throughout New Zealand; including the Sylvia Park Business and Shopping Centre, and the Vero Centre.


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Good ambience

I love the variety of shops at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre. It caters for shoppers on a budget to those that like to splurge out. If I'm looking for something for a special occasion I like to come here.

Such a wide variety of stores that I enjoy roaming around in :)

Love it!! has everything you need :) playground for the kiddies,nice food ,coffe places ,shops and so on

Ok, so I was reluctant to go to Sylvia Park as it was sooo big BUT it is sooo nice! It is beautifully laid out in different sections, and I love that it has an outdoor area in the middle. When my friend and I want a catch up away from the kids, we go to Sylvia Park for late night shopping. Just being there feels like a treat!

Plenty of options to choose from!

A very modern and contemporary mall! The electronics stores here are amaaze! There is a huge Dick Smith and cool Sony store which has a range of gadgets / tech products to choose from. This means you could take your partner shopping and he wont mind coming along. He could spend ages gadget shopping while you check out all the great stores like Foreever New and Wild Pair. Sylivia Park Mall is a great place for a date too. Spend shopping during the day, take a break and have lunch in one of the nice outdoor restaurants e.g Wagamama then top off with a movie at the Hoyts Movie complex.

A very modern mall with a lot of out-door restaurants and cafes. Great way to pitt stop after a full day of shopping.

Great mall

great fun activities for kids