Thai Flame is a Thai Restaurant Botany -offers authentic Thai flavours, friendly service and a delightful set-up reminiscent of gardens in Thailand.


Price Range Reasonable
Ambience Lively
Accepts credit cards Yes
Wheelchair access Yes
Takes reservations Yes
Noise level Bustling
Licence This venue is licenced, This venue has BYO
Food Options Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan
Off street parking Yes
Private functions Yes
Takeaways Yes

Products and specialities

Our menus consist of traditionanal and modern thai cuisine including green curry, pad thai, garlic prawns and thai flame chicken, and more.


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My teen had a ball with her friends at the Thai Flame Restaurant. The staff are friendly and one of the highlights that night was seeing the flaming chicken - thumbs up to the Thai Flame Restaurant! #plantae

#shoutme Great value, great food. Always a favourite for a date night

Love this place! We never to to any other Thai place as they just aren't the same

Great food, great atmosphere

evey time we have been here the food has been fab, great family friendly resturant with kids options too.

Been twice and both times have had amazing service. Delicious Thai food and lots to choose from. I highly recommend. Went with a group of 9-10 both times, everyones tastes varied but everyone loved everything :) 

We decided on this place as the other restaurant we were going to was fully booked. Inside the lights were dimmed and it was quite busy being a Saturday night. We were here as a group of 5 and were seated after a 10 min wait. After looking through the menu it was clear that the dishes were in the 15-20 range each. Rice was $2 extra per person. Our friends chose a meal each for themselves and me and my partner settled on a flame chicken instead plus rice. The wait was quite long, after 15 mins our friend's foods arrived and after another 10 mins our chicken arrived, literally on fire. It was quite a spectacle. The seasoning on our chicken was average, it was basically some herbs with lemon juice. Overall price was ok for dining out.

Located near Botany, Thai Flame offers up delicious Thai cuisine for the locals. Being a Saturday night, I called ahead to make sure that they have a table for 3 for dinner. I was then informed that they have several large groups and a function and would like the table back by 7:30pm. Works well for us, as we were already quite hungry by 5pm. A short drive later and we arrived at the front door. They are quite busy tonight but one of their waitress seated us at our table right away, poured ice water in the glasses and handed us the menu. Service is definately attentive and warm throughout the evening. As the drinks arrived (Singha Lager, a local Thai beer and a Tiger beer) we placed our order for the night. They tried to bring a bit of Thailand here with the decour, with an airy main dining room and an upstairs section suitable for private functions (which there is one tonight). There's a fake rock wall on the far side with a water feature, use of bamboo around and soft lighting, although one would say a bit tacky and dated. Perhaps something more modern and simple might be better suited for this decade. The starter arrived after 10 minutes, Gai Satei - tender pieces of chicken served with a chunky peanut satay sauce. Can't really detect the spices used to marinade/cook the chicken with but that sauce is so packed with flavour, and we licked the sauce plate clean. The mains took about 15 minutes to arrive: Gaeng Ped Phed Yang - traditional roasted duck curry in a red curry sauce; Massaman Nua - beef curry with potatoes and peanuts in a creamy yellow curry; and Chicken Pad Tai - the well known stir-fried rice noodle dish, we were then served rice by the waitress with our mains. Everything tasted fragrant and authentic. The duck and beef in the respective curries are very tender and well cooked, with fresh vegetables in the duck and the peanuts in the beef curry providing the crunch for texture. The Pad Tai came with a wedge of lemon and chilli flakes, which added an extra depth of flavour to the already well cooked dish. Servers came around every so often to check in on us and asked if we'd like more servings of rice, and by the end of the main course, quite full. To finish the night, we got deep-fried ice cream for dessert: a ball of frozen vanilla ice cream in a breadcrumb crust, served atop a pool of raspberry sauce. Perhaps the novelty of ice cream deep fried was better than how it tasted though, and wished this place offered more traditional Thai style desserts. Overall, a nice Saturday night out with some tasty Thai food. If you live around the area, come in and try them out.

We chose Thai Flame to have dinner with my parents because it was local and accessible. Parking is easy and right out front, perfect for only having a small dash to shelter on the rainy cold night. It was really cold outside so we were quite disppointed how freezing the reasturant was. We along with many other diners in the returant were at their seats still wearing their coats. The resturant is in a large warehouse style space. The interior is a bit shabby and looks like it could go with a bit of an update. Waitresses were dressed in traditional Thai costume and looked very  polished. They were very attentive and polite when we had their attention but they didnt come around very frequently. We ordered parwn spring rolls which were wrapped in filo and deep fried (not nessasirly authentic Thai cuisine) and sapporo beer (which was relatively cheap at $7 a bottle). Our mains took about 40 minutes to get to us but were worth the wait my Pad Thai was fabulous, full of fresh tofu, lots of vegetables and a HUGE serving. My husband selected a Thai green currey with prawns and was delcious, full of large parwns and equally huge. We selected deep fried banan's for pudding which came out very quickly and was swimming in caramel sauce and ice cream. It literally tasted like bonoffe pie. For the two of us for one starter $14, two mains $22-26 and dessert $14 total $76.