Those beautiful aromas and fragrances as you walk past, ah, that's the hallmark of The Body Shop. TBS offers beautiful skincare, makeup, fragrance and bodywash that is completely vegetarian, organic and never tested on animals. Most of their finest ingredients come from across the world, and The Body Shop's continuous innovation will have you finding a product to fall in love with.

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Womens Skincare, Cosmetics, Fragrance, Body Wash, Body Treatments, Mens Skincare, Fragrance, Body Wash, Body Treatments


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The girls in there are so helpful when it comes to buying something for the 'Mrs' and they always give her free samples too...Bad thing is she can spend ages in there...

Just the scent of the Body Shop draws me in! And once you enter you are surrounded by great products! (:

The ladies in this shop are so helpful and always ready to offer advice on their products. They always slip a free sample of a new product in my bag too. The products are wonderful, especially for gifts.  You can make them to your own design or buy one ready made. The Lynmall shop is spacious and easy to walk through so makes it a good choice when in the mall browsing for a gift.  they have mens products too so not just for us girls!!