The Original California Burrito Company. Cal-Mex Taqueria, established 1992. Delicious California style burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas and tacos in downtown Auckland City. Filled with fresh salads, beef, chicken, steak, shrimp or beans, with options for vegetarians and vegans. Authentic Mexican sodas also available.


Price Range Cheap & cheerful
Ambience Lively
Noise level Bustling
Food Options Vegetarian, Vegan

Products and specialities

burritos, quesadillas, salad, tacos


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Get the Original California Chicken Burrito with chicken and avocado #boom #tastesensation

Burritos here are huge and worth the dollar! Plus! they have vegan burrito for the herbivorous :)

I was lucky enough to get a free Burrito from the new Newmarket store on their opening day. Even at 8pm, the team were still all smiles and seemed genuinely happy to be there - makes a nice change from some other fast food places! The Burrito was pretty tasty and big enough to be a dinner all on it's own (which is good considering the price point). The menu is pretty basic - but it works.

I should start by saying that I'm from Southern California, so my opinion might be biased. That being said, I was trying not to compare this to burritos in California when eating it, and just thinking about it on its own merits. It was decent. I enjoyed the spices on the chicken and the pico de gallo, but  the beans were a bit hard. My boyfriend had the veggie burrito and his veggies weren't cooked very well either. They also have basically nowhere to sit, but their prices are good and I did enjoy the food overall.

Just opened on 350 queen street, just opposite metro. Nice location near aotea square, they also offer a discount for aut students at the moment.

Comment by Say P.

I had the pretty standard chicken kebab, and was stoked that it was delicious. I got a huge burrito stuffed with fresh ingredients. Good amount of sauce without making everything soggy, and great service. Will definitely be back for more! One of the better burritos I've tried...

decided to give them a try after reading a review from the auckland burrito reviewer (photo)  as i usually go to mexicali when i feeling like mexican.  Was a good burrito and much cheaper! Very filling and tasty! 

Delicious, massive and great price. Way better than a burrito from their competitors in the CBD.

If you've ever lived in Denver, you'll know what I'm talking about. Decent burritos, freshly made, ludicrously generous portions (half for lunch, half for dinner anybody?) - been a long time coming to NZ. I do feel like my order is often missing something, but if you catch them on it all is well. And to be honest, they're so crazy busy, I'm not going to crucify them over it. Go for something new and try the LA style spinach, or the shrimp.

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