For over 10 years now, people of all ages and walks of life have appreciated the range of distinctive products on offer at The Third Eye.

The Third Eye has always been situated on the iconic K'Road, Auckland. A place where individualised and eclectic tastes frequently meet.

The Third Eye provides a wonderful shopping environment with friendly service and a promise that they will always strive to bring their regular clientèle an extensive variety of new and unique products.

Products and specialities

Importers & retailers of fashionware, handicrafts, housewares & jewellery


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The Third Eye will help bring out your individuality, The Third Eye is a large shop with an extensive range of clothing and accessories. Appropriately located on K' Road, the colourful, swishy skirts and delicate jewellery could encourage you to change your style! The fabric of the clothing is always high-quality and beautifully detailed. The Third Eye staff emulate the welcoming and serene ambience of the shop and encourage you to do the same. With so many enticing patterns and jewels there's no chance you'll leave empty handed.

I reckon this shop has to be the best in Auckland when it comes to jewellery, although that's certainly not all they have. There is so much variety that you will find yourself in there for a few hours getting a closer look at everything - as I have on many occasions. Everything is well priced in comparison to places that sell similar stuff with not nearly the collection they have. If you love colour and sparkly things you have got to pay visit...

Easily the best shop in Auckland for gorgeous clothes, jewellery, crystals, homeware... perfect gifts for yourself or someone you love, and the prices are crazy good! Always lots of specials, lovely staff and they'll gift wrap. I love this shop!

It seems like walking into this shop activates all your seances, and brings you to another world! I love everything about this place! Everything is reasonably priced, and there are so many nifty things, that I can never seem to find any where else. And everyone working her seems to really love life, and greats everyone with a great smile that can make anyone's day :)

Comment by Kim H.
Thank you Joe for your wonderful words. We love to bring beautiful exotic things from the far East to you. Come in again stock arrives this week!
Comment by joe.gatland
Ohh that's supper exciting, I'll be in soon!

Silks, scarves, jewellery, incense, cushions - so many wonderful imports from India. Cheap too, you can pick up cute silver rings or bracelets for less than $20! I love to come and examine the wonderful cashmere scarves and simply breathe it all in!

Comment by Kim H.
Thank you so much Eleanor for the wonderful shout out! Come check out our new stock arriving this week...lots more gorgeous new items from India and now Nepal too!

Let the scent of incense take you to a foreign land as you wander through this shop stacked with clothing & scarves in beautiful colors & fabrics. A wide range of jewelry & trinkets too.

You can't find many stores like this in Auckland anymore. Sure there are the Fair Trade stores, but this is different... this is like you're walking into some exotic market filled with sparkling gems, bowls and clothing. Ropes of necklaces, racks upon racks of scarfs, dresses, skirts. I love love love this store! Every time I go in I come away with a new piece of jewellery, a bag or other pretty item. Only visit if you're prepared to be enthralled!

Comment by Kim H.
Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. We try really hard to bring back gorgeous things for everybody, from the east and beyond. Just to let you know all our products are sourced and checked by me and are ALWAYS fair trade.
Comment by joe.gatland
Aladin's cave! that sums it up perfectly! Definitely a one of a kind store :)

I used to spend every second lunch break in this store when i worked in the area. Really good for cheap gifts that are unique. Lots of awesome jewellery at cheap prices. The clothes are super expensive but everything else well priced.

Comment by Kim H.
Come check out our MEGA sale!

Just nipped in there yesterday knowing that I'm bound to find some thing exotically lovely to give some one as a gift. What I love about this place is that you can find some neat little trinkets and  jewellery pieces for a very reasonable price. You can easily lose track of time wandering through the store as there's so much to look at! They also have clothes, linen and home ware like cushions, curtains and rugs. The stuff you get there has a lot of character and definitely worth checking out.

Comment by kate m.
I got my friend a fabulous bracelet for her birthday in Third Eye about a week ago. It's just always so tempting, I love it.

The Third Eye is hands down one of my favourite shops ever. I'm a sucker for anything vibrant, and this shop has a lot of colour - the gorgeous gemstone jewellery is divided by stones and hues and is displayed like a rainbow draped around the shop - you wander from the green corner into the blue, and turquoises melt into the deeper blues of lapiz lazuli and sodalite... all beautifully laid-out... a really fantastic and uplifting shopping experience. They also have a great range of unusual scarves from India, at fantastic prices - most cost between $20 - $30. This shop has such a good vibe that you walk out feeling great for the rest of the day. Highly recommended.

Comment by Bryn I.
Where is it?
Comment by Laurie
On the Queen Street side of K Road, near Verona and Sal's NY Pizza. Just follow the smell of rose incense wafting out onto the street. It's well worth a visit :)
Comment by Sarah W.
I need a bindi for my Indian Princess costume so will definitely have to pop in here for a nosy round!