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The team at thek9way were fantastic. Hit the nail on the head straight away with techniques to help us with our dog. Very easy to talk with, good with the dog. Great communication throughout too. Thank you!

Thank you for the great tips and for helping us create a healthier relationship with Karma and Dice. It has only been one day and we have already seen a change in their behaviors just by making those minor changes. It really was a valuable 3 hours. Thank you Erwin

Very glad to have come across The K9Way, Bastian has helped us in an informal & informative hour long session to better understand how to manage our dogs attention seeking so that she knows where she stands & is more relaxed & we know how to establish boundaries with her. I found the practical session more beneficial than some of the reading I've done & tailored to our dog specifically. Looking forward to continuing to put the learning into action with our lovely Tui-dog!

Great insight into your dogs natural instincts.

We had two excitable, barking bichons which had not settled into the house we moved into 6 months prior. Add in a building site next door with a visiting dog- and chaos. In desperation I called Bastian and within 20 minutes had the dogs calm and quiet. The crucial part is that he taught the whole family how to demonstrate behaviour which reassured the dogs of their "insignificance = happy calm". Lead walking which was a nightmare before, now is a pleasure and we often go just around the block for fresh air and a relaxing walk at the end of the day. It is now so good in fact, that we now have a kitten who has integrated beautifully and our scheduled tune up visit one month from our first, gave us more tips to help the household. The admin system he has tracks contacts, so asking questions/advice is easy. Worth every cent and more.

Comment by Bastian G.
Pleasure to help! Thanks for spreading the word :-)

Thank you Bastian for helping correct our puppy, Bruno's behavior in just 2 sessions. He is now a much calmer, and a more obedient dog. He no longer snatches food and listens to my commands. It is so nice to work with someone with such professionalism and onfidence. We are so glad we found you and it really made a difference to our lives with a calmer dog.

Comment by Bastian G.
Thanks Belinda. You had a tough nut to crack with Bruno...thanks for your trust in applying what I taught you. Your trust, patience and consistency paid off, as it always does. Good on you and enjoy a relaxed and happy Bruno for years to come!

My children and I really appreciate the patience and knowledge shared with us in terms of understanding our new addition (puppy)  to the family.  Bastian, you're the man!! The understanding of how the dog sees the world was enlightening, and the small techniques you gave us made huge differences with our beautiful Gabby.  Thank you once again for all your help.  regards Malua

Comment by Bastian G.
Thanks Malua, was a pleasure working with you all. Be in touch if you have questions!

Thanks to Bastian. We were worrying too much and personifying the dogs. How to stop the barkings and training the walk on lead was very simple and clear for us humans! No more shhhhs and quiets. Bastian had talked just for us for 4 hours. The summary via email after the lesson was very helpful. We will work as you said so and we are also appreciated for the email and /or phone questions follow up for one year.

Comment by Lee B.
Hi Bastian, I just wanted to send you a "thank you" from my dog pippi and myself. Your skill in teaching opened a new door for me in communicating with my dog. Already I have noticed a change in her behaviour, she is more calm and relaxed, and a pleasure to be around. thank you once again