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the friendly lady helped me read labels and pick out sweets for chinese new year. thanks heaps

Everytime I go to a Chinese supermarket I head straight to their drinks aisle. Tofu Shop has a huge selection of iced teas, which I'm totally addicted too. Green iced tea, barley iced tea, english iced tea - I love them all. Even better is the fact that Tofu Shop often has some truly great deals on these iced drinks. Oh, and you can buy other chinese ingredients here too if you so desire.

The Tofu shop is the place to come to when you’re in the need for chinese ingredients. The store is bright and neatly laid out so browsing for ingredients is a snap. They have a wide variety of foodstuffs, everything from a huge array of light and dark soy sauces through to cookies, chips, noodles, drinks and of course Tofu. Most items have english labels on them so it’s not as daunting shopping here as you might think. Drop in the next time you’re in Newmarket and see what yumminess you can uncover!