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Spending money on your car if you're not someone like Greg Murphy, is always a bit disheartening. As my car is now tottering towards geriatric-hood, it needs a WOF every six months. I visited VTNZ when I'd forgotten about my impending WOF and had forgotten to take my car to our usual mechanic. Service was great and the cost was reasonable, as their is an option to get a WOF and get your oil etc checked. They even advised me of a couple of things that needed doing further down the track which I've since had done (brake pads and a drivers belt), oh and told me I didn't have a spanner in the toolbox.

Sadly my car is getting older and now needs 6 monthly warrants so I visit here every six months.  They have a reasonable waiting room with a few ( very dated) magazines and drink dispenser.  There's even a toilet I noticed for the first time.  The guys are gentle with my car and so very helpful.  I failed on a broken tail brake light.  The lovely man said "...but I can fix that for you if you like."  Within 5 moinsutes he had replaced my biulb ( for a mere $5) and off I went with my new passed WOF.   Fantastic service.  See you in 6 months.

Convenient, friendly place to get the WOF, with Kohu Road Icrecream just down the road to get coffee while you wait.

VTNZ know how to charge when it comes to warrants,  its like $60 now,  which is slightly ridiculous as it only takes like 15 mins which would a $250 per hour hourly rate. But I still go there,   why is that ? - as I am notoriously cheap for things im FORCED to do,   There is generally nothing wrong with the service (except a long line at times) but the the main reason apart from the fact they are open Sunday which is about the only time I have the time to do such things is that whilst you clearly pay more ( the garage across the road is offering WOF's for $25 ) is that you know they don't have any skin in the game when it comes to finding faults.     If they find one,   they then dont offer to fix it for you ,  which makes you think it might be genuine,   which when you go to the local garage and he comes out and tells you your thingmebob is worn and your speederator is well shot so you need to fix those but not to worry will not cost more than a thousand or so .   You can help but wonder if you rather than the car is being taken for a ride.   So whilst expensive,   I guess the one reason you would come here is the fact you need to get it done,  might as well get someone impartial.

A warrant is a necessity and usually a last minute thing done with fingers crossed (at least for me and my car it is) but at this testing station it is a breeze. The basics are there in that it’s clean and tidy and they efficiently get the job done. There’s a big waiting room with magazines and toys for the kids but it’s the extra bits that make this testing station better than others. I was through the other day and they checked the oil and noticed it was low and pulled me out and showed me and topped it up for me. I also noticed they now sell basic stuff like wiper blades etc so if you fail on the small stuff you don’t have to drive away and come back. This testing station almost makes the process bearable!

I hate getting warrants. I try to get my partner to do it whenever I can, unfortunately sometimes my feminine charms are not enough and I have to do the dirty work myself. The VTNZ in New Lynn was lovely and clean, the receptionist was lovely and I still hate getting warrants but if I’ve got to get them done, then this was a good place to do it.

Email reminder, no need to stress, drive down Portage Road, dont need to posh dress. Give the nice man your keys, go read a magazine,  They'll ensure your car is safe, every fault will be seen, Quick painless WOF done by experts.

Took the car in for its regular WOF. The station is alwats very neat and tidy, receptionist is quick and efficient as is the vehicle tester. Overall, a painless experience and it's good to know that they're not in to find things to make you pay for (they don't offer repairs, just checks). You will be happy to come back when the WOF is due again.