We have a bold vision: to create the world's most liveable city and deliver Aucklanders great value for money. It is a vision that unites us and drives our 9,500 employees to deliver world-class services and experiences every day for our 1.5 million customers. We look after over 101,000 hectares of public open spaces, 59 libraries and represent over 1.5 million Aucklanders, from Wellsford in the north to Franklin in the south. We keep the region ticking and are tasked with future proofing Auckland for generations to come. Together, we can create an Auckland where living standards are better than they are today; an Auckland where young people have a future, and where our Tangata Whenua thrive; an Auckland shaped by design, not default; a city filled with wonderful places to gather, work, play, learn, love, laugh and celebrate; a place that inspires, and other cities aspire to be. At Auckland Council our role is to make the region we love even better. To unleash the potential of the world's most beautiful city and create the world's most liveable city. And at the same time, deliver Aucklanders great value for money. Ma tini, ma mano, ka rapa te whai. By many, by thousands, the work will be accomplished.


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I have enjoyed lighting firework here.

Beautiful park in the heart of the city

Art in the Dark is tonight! From 8pm! So excited, it was such a special event last year. No cancellations thus far!

Where else could you wander amongst the mighty Moreton Bay Fig trees, walk barefoot over pebble mosaics amongst architectural ruins with a glorious view down to the city harbour and everyone's dogs are FREE to run and chase after each other off the leash?

With green grass, rolling hills and plenty of sticks to be found, Western Park is an off leash doggie paradise. There's also an impressive kids playground and a multi station workout course, plotted around the park. 

Western Park is my favourite inner city outdoor area. When I need to switch off from big smoke life, I head to this park located in the suburb of Freemans Bay. It’s a midsized park with several walkways, a kids playground and a small performance space amongst the scenery. If you need an escape Western Park’s well worth checking out.

This park is one of the best off leash areas in Ponsonby. Its on a big hill, has plently of open soace for ball throwing and lots of foresty areas for eager noses to explore. They also have a water fountain for pooches and doggy poo bags available.

My dog loves his daily trip to Western Park, an off leash oasis in Freemans Bay that is big enough to keep everyone happy. It is perfect on hotter days when pups need a little shade along with their space, and even has a water fountain at canine level for refreshment stops.

A great place to relax and take in some sun. Great playground for the kids but nice quiet spaces if that’s what you’re after. Lots of dog walkers around but they mostly seem to clean up their mess.

Great walks-awesome for a run up and down the winding paths,a GEM in the city!