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If your spring getaway’s on a shoestring, YHA has a great reputation as a safe, cheap and central place to stay. With rooms available at a variety of different price points, paying so little for a roof over your head leaves you more disposable income for the rest of your trip - and the fun stuff like food and drink.

Great location for a quick stay

Comment by KL
Agree :)

Thank you for the crew for putting me up here for the 3 day weekend long conference! Such great accommodation with easy access to the Te Papa venue, shops, main street and all and any needed facilities. In a 6 share female room, bathroom very conveniently placed on our floor with clean & easy to use toilets & showers- surprisingly no issues there. Clean rooms, great linen, $1 clean towels, lovely reception, superb kitchen and social areas downstairs. WONDERFUL!

While in Wellington recently i stayed in the YHA - This is the first one i have stayed in and it was brilliant. It had a massive window which had an excellent view over the waterfront and we didn't have to pay any extra for this..... My friends and myself all thought it was excellent value for money and the staff, friendly. It is within walking distance to Cuba Street Mall and more importantly, THE BARS!!

Comment by KL
Super review :)
Comment by KL
Super review :)

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