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It always ends in happily ever after at Yoghurt Story. I mean, who doesn’t love frozen yoghurt? Serving yourself means you get exactly what you want - whatever combination of flavours and toppings, however weird and/or wonderful. You can taste all the flavours before making a decision and paying by weight means you get a wee snack without paying more than you should. Awesome.

Apparently the frozen yoghurt craze is running absolutely rampant in Europe, and it seems like New Zealand has caught up. It had been a while since I'd last been into the CBD but I swear last time I was there, there was no sign of the two frozen yoghurt shops that sit on the block. The premise is simple, you fill your tub with frozen yoghurt which is available in a variety of flavours and then you add whatever toppings you choose. I opted for a tiramisu and vanilla flavoured youghurt, with chocolate nuts and mango on top. It was pretty tasty and the way in which you could customise the look and taste of your dish added excitement to the experience.

Me and my yoghurt.

Where to begin! Been here 4 times now and have tried every flavour (at both the locations in the city) and I have to say its by far the most flavourful frozen yoghurt place in Auckland! Nothing beats that strong yoghurt flavour which is sorely lacking in other venues (most just taste like a sorbet…).With flavours ranging from watermelon and peach through to the usual strawberry and original, it definitely checks all the boxes on what I want in my frozen yoghurt! This isn’t even to mention the toppings they have on the side!Hi Jason at the Queen Street branch! Your service was awesome and I’ll definitely be visiting again really soon!

Went here for the first time today after hearing everyone rave about this place – WOW, absolutely amazing!The original flavour was, surprisingly, the best one. It tastes refreshing, healthy, not too sweet with a beautifully tangy after taste that melts in your mouth. There is a whole range of toppings and I chose melon, strawberries and almonds – crunchy and fruity at the same time, so delicious.I think I’ve become addicted and will definitely be back!! Thank you so much for opening a frozen yoghurt place in Auckland that is central, affordable, delicious and whilst offering the amazing buy-one-get-one-free dea

What a great alternative for a dessert/treat! I came here one afternoon, not knowing what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The frozen yoghurt flavours change out each day, so I had the choice of plain or strawberry. I chose the strawberry with fresh fruit toppings of pineapple, red grapes and rock melon. It was delicious and completely guilt free!