Winter Fun For The Family in New Zealand

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    "There's so many cool thrills and spills to enjoy at Rainbow's End. I love the Classic Corkscrew Rollercoaster because rollercoasters have always been a favourite ride of mine. I rode them at this awesome Auckland theme park when I was younger as I'm sure have most Kiwi kids because a school holiday trip to Rainbow's End is a real rite of passage. Today, the rides are more thrilling than ever before with Fearfall - an 18-storey, 80km drop - and the fast-paced, head-spinning Invader."

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    "I've lived in Auckland all my life and until today I never knew how cool this art installation at North Wharf truly is. It's all about showing Auckland's history, as well as being a spot where you can create art and sound by speaking into the installation. Look for the big, silver sculptures sticking out of the ground and then have a play. I hid in one and scared a friend as she walked past. Awesome fun!"

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