Aphroditea is your 28 Day Skinny Tea Detox that contains a unique combination of antioxidant rich goji berries, Garcinia Cambogia and herbs and teas that have been specifically formulated to help increase your metabolism, burn fat, clear acne, reduce excess water weight whilst cleansing and detoxifying your body.

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Drinking Aphroditea will help you:

Cleanse & Detoxify your body
Boost your metabolism
Burn fat
Improve digestion
Ease bloating
Increase your energy levels
Improve your skin clarity

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Yummy tea

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Gives me high energy and reduces bloating. Have tried other teatoxs but this takes the cake.

Love this teatox.

Gives me energy and helps to hold me over between meals – no more unhealthy snacking! Love this teatox.

Aphroditea thank you so much! I’ve been seeing a drastic weight loss thanks to y’all. Im so happy with my teatox. I’ve been quite depressed about my weight and then bam there’s your tea. It’s fantastic, I love it. I can’t thank you enough

I’ve been drinking my teatox for a week now and it really has helped, bloating has gone away, really help with my regularity…if you know what I mean!

Noticed a huge boost in energy!! Would recommend this teatox to friends!

I was so looking forward to try this tea when I first ordered. Having to order all the way from Australia, the lead time is frustrating but the end result is def worth it. It works wonders!! Absolutely love this teatox.

When your BIG day is just around the corner, what better product to help you in your journey. Love my friend for suggesting this, has worked a beauty, will definitely be ordering this teatox again, probably after the honeymoon.

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