Often noted as one of Wellington's best eateries - Aro Cafe serves up classic cafe fare with a vibrant gourmet twist. Barista made coffee and fresh fruit smoothies accompany a menu which is varied and unique enough to please even the most discerning connoisseur.

So pop down soon and experience casual dining with food and drink that'll put a smile on your face at Aro Cafe in Central Wellington.

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The pies at Aro cafe aren't your typical pie...they are, in truth, more like a quiche. The flavours rotate, but there is generally a vege and a ham option. They are egg and cream based, and as such, super rich and filling. The selection is seasonal, but anything with mushrooms and/or artichoke is invariably a winner.

Aro Cafe, in a sweet spot of Aro Valley, has breakfast, brunch and lunch menus and cabinet fare that’s a cut above most cafe’s. For just under $10, you can have two eggs any way with toast, but for when eggs won’t cut it, it usually has halloumi, vegetarian risotto, soup, bubble and squeak and asparagus dishes on the menu.

Great place to stop in for a bite when you’re roaming through Aro Valley. Try a savory muffin (spinach, feta, and pine nuts… yum!) or the brie and tomato on a french roll from the counter. They make their own Aro Coffee.

Wonderful coffee and counter food, a great dining menu and lovely staff. They usually have some good artwork up on display as well. On a sunny day pick up a takeway coffee, some good food, and head down to the park.