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Looove loove looove this place. My friend took me there and told me id love it and i freaking do. The food, the prices and the staff. Amazing. Keep it up!! ;-)

Loveee love love this place. My friend took me here for the first time and told me id love it and i freaking do. Amazing food, prices and staff. Keep it up!!! ;-)

Wherever i can get a good plate of ribs i will go and Bonz Cajun Kitchen has definitely got me coming back for more! The staff are great and are happy to help with any questions about the food and are really accommodating when it comes to adding spices or sides to your dish to make that much more perfect.

I tried the Gumbo on a recent trip to Elliot Street Stables, and it was delicious. It was a stormy night, so it did well as a winter warmer. It was a huge portion - I got through not much more than half. It was mildly spicy, but absolutely full of flavour, and really good value for money. I only wish there was a vegetarian option for my husband to try.

BBQ and delicious with slaw and kumers chips

I've been going to the Stables for several years.  I was interested to see Bonz open and enjoyed chatting with the owner to learn more about Cajun food.  I'm from California but never had Cajun and thought it would all be spicey.  I was wrong.  This is food made using spices but not necessarily spicey.  You can ask for more heat if you want, but I like mine without to mild. Yesterday was the 3rd time I've eaten at Bonz and the food was perfect.  I had the bbq crispy chicken sliders and they were great! The bread was so soft it could have been home-made, the chicken crispy and tasty but still juicy and the cole slaw brings that something extra to the slider.  Excellent meals, a unique taste and the owner and staff have always been friendly each time I've gone in.  I highly recommend Bonz to my coworkers and friends and have introduced a bunch of them to it's tasty wonders. The Stables get busy & are served by different restaurants/cafes so it's best to scope a table first.  If you are with several people to a group you should pick a table, remember the number and take turns ordering while someone 'holds' the table for you.   If it's really busy check with the place you want to eat at as to timing to be sure they haven't just taken a large group's order (learned that one the hard way at another spot).

Went here for dinner last Friday having bought the grabone voucher. We had the crabcakes, buffalo wings, jambalaya and the jerk chicken. Whilst the jambalaya was somewhat less spicy than I expected (and that was the ONLY fault: ingredients were fresh, and great quality, and the taste was still great!), the Jerk chicken was fabulous and the starters really delivered on the flavour. Great little place in a good location, will definitely come back here again!

I bought lunch here today as I had wanted to try Cajun for a while and there are not many places to buy it in Auckland.  The service was very friendly.  I ordered the gumbo which was $10 for lunch with two smallish pieces of corn bread.  I thought the food was average.  The gumbo was a smallish bowl and tasty enough.  The corn bread was a bit sweet for my liking - probably more authentically American than I would generally make it to suit my kiwi tastebuds.

Great little find in Elliot Stables. All your american BBQ ribs, buffalo wings, country fried chicken in a restaurant style.