The perfect pit stop if you’re out and about in Onehunga. Café Tran and White Flower Bakery is a cosy, friendly little gem of a place, popular with locals ‘in the know’.

Swing by and start the day right with a yummy breakfast or pop in later for a quick lunch. Coffee is naturally excellent – as is the service.


Price Range Cheap & cheerful
Ambience Lively
Noise level Bustling
Food Options Vegetarian

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Breakfast Menu, coffee, lunch, brunch, catering


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Lovely little place for when you're taking care of bills or other quick jobs around Onehunga or after visiting the Library around the corner. Yummy selection of food and friendly service keeps me coming back every time I'm in the mall

Amazing coffee, great food, awesome staff

Didn’t know what to choose! Three amazing looking salads.

Hi went again to day with friends and great service and food! a little gem in Onehunga

A couple of changes have happened since the last time I was in - the wall has been closed between the kitchen and the cafe area and there are new owners. It's always a nervous time when a cafe that you like changes owners.  One thing that people who buy cafes do not seem to understand is that a successful business is successful for a reason.  Often your favourite local cafe is ruined by a McDonald's approach to 'new management' and things get smaller, more expensive and less appetising.  Things still seem to be ok here - the food is still the same and the service is great.  When I'm not sure about the barista (and let's be honest I go by appearances which CAN be deceiving) I order a Mocha.  If I feel confident I order a long black.  I ordered a mocha. Someone wearing a uniform just unexcites me.  Coffee is a precise art  - you need both the precision and the 'feel' for the beans.  It's also all very well having wonderful presentation skills but if you don't know what you're doing you will make an usatisfying coffee. My mocha was OK.  I've had better, I've had worse.  It wasn't very hot and there was a little bit too much froth but it was tasty and I drank it all up.   The date scone I shared with my friend was very nice but a little bit too big for one person.  I wouldn't order it if I was there alone.  There was also a lack of savoury items that could be nibbled on.  I didn't have time to wait for breakfast and I didn't want a panini or a pie.   I will be back, and I'll probably order a long black.  I'll let you know how it goes ;)

Customer service at its best! they have a lot of locals, which is always a good sign…my friend is one and she loves the place.

It is great to get great service as well as great food. Went on the weekend for mushrooms on toast - so yummy!  Went again today for coffee with family - again great service and food plus cute artwork on the coffees!  I had walked past many times but didn't know what I was missing but several people recommended the food and coffee and so glad they did

Located in the heart of Onehunga, Cafe Tran serves up a some pretty delicious food with their solid menu choices for breakfast, brunch, lunch or a late afternoon tea. Today I ordered the smoked salmon souffle omelette, while my friend once again went for the "big fry up". Presentation is top notch, my omelette looks very fluffy and light, with mouthfuls of smoked salmon in each bite. A piece of their house-baked 5 grain toast and tomato chutney accompanied the dish... mmm... Across the table, the big fry up received much praise. Crispy bacon pieces, lamb and chicken sausage each, a small bowl of creamy mushrooms, scrambled eggs, grilled potatoes, cherry tomatos and pieces of toast. Wished I ordered that instead now. Chai latte's the drink of choice this morning, it even comes with a small cookie on the side. I absolutely loves the small touches that makes a place like this stand out against the rest.

We stopped of here before starting the coast to coast and get out of the rain. Service was great and the coffee bought a smile to our face. Thanks guys.

Food, Coffee,Service,A+ Rated what esle can i say this place is pulling in people from all round getting a seat is getting hard to get and then they still try to fit you in