Wellingtons Caffe L’affare (Pronounced La-far-ray) founded in 1990 is their flagship cafe on College Street. Loved for their fresh counter food, all-day breakfast menu and delicious lunch menu with daily specials.
Vibrant atmosphere humming with music, meetings, conversation and the delicious smell of roasting coffee.
Family, friends or a work meet, sit at the communal tables or find a corner. No need to make a booking.


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Great food great service great coffee.

Awesome airy place to catch up with a group of friends over brunch of lunch. Their all-day breakfast menu also makes it a great place for a late Sunday hangover recovery #cafetab

Caffe L’affare’s pastry meat pies are iconic in Wellington: served piping hot, some swimming in gravy or others with a side of relish, there tends to be a couple of choices of flavours. As for atmosphere, the cafe is big, noisy, and a bit hectic, but a great choice for families with young kids (in that any tantrums won’t really disturb anyone!) and a surprisingly wide range of reading material.

No caffination would be complete without a trip to L’Affare. And with a full service kitchen as well, the options abound. Get there early though, as it fills fast.

Mid-week brunch is the best time to visit L’affare as this place is always heaving during the weekend due to it’s popularity. You know their coffee is always going to be lip-smackingly strong and the all-day breakfast is guaranteed to hit the spot with the favourites all in good order. Perhaps I’m just the eggs benedict master but I can never say no.

Eating breakfast foods here almost makes me feel like a real person. Like there’s all these people in suits and things that look like suits. It’s full of real people and it feels great, sometimes, to be one of them. The food is alright too.

The flagshack cafe of the ubiquitous brand Caffe L’affare. As one would expect, the coffee here is first-class, served in a spacious environment while the stream of people coming in and out of the door is almost a fixture. Perhaps avoid coming here mid-morning over the weekend, but pouring over their extensive magazine selection with a brew in hand on the tables outside on a good day is an inner city treat.

So many people and amazingly quick service. Quality of food and coffee is top notch.

Can beat Welly on a hot day

Comment by SiWils

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