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yummy flavours!

Unique ice cream flavors like gingerale, pineapple lumps, bounty etc. Such a nicer taste to places like movenpick (which I find is over priced and so average).

Extensive range of delicious gelatos and sorbets. Personal fave is Yogi Polar and Ferrero Rocher.

It’s not exactly ideal weather to chow down on an ice cream but it’s not like an excuse is really needed. Casa Del Gelato has been a staple in Ponsonby since it moved into the much loved Ponsonby Pies shop. There’s a plethora of sorbets and gelatos to choose from and each one I’ve tried has been exceptional. I chose to have a scoop of Snickers and a scoop of chocolate. The Snickers ACTUALLY tasted like the nutty, nougatty chocolate bar and the chocolate was rich and creamy, just as I’d hoped. If you’re in Ponsonby and need something sweet these guys will sort you out.

Definitely have a go with the ginger beer sorbet. Deliciousssssss

Comment by Sara B.
Yum!! That looks amazing!!!

Popped in for a nice treat too many favors

Sooo many choices!!! Had the pistachio gelato and it was great.  Can't wait to go back and try more.

Casa Del Gelato is perfect when you have been out for dinner elsewhere in Ponsonby and want to head somewhere different for dessert. They do an amazing chocolate brownie dessert which I have come back for a few times. Their ice creams are yummy too. Stay away if you are on a diet!

I had a scoop of banoffee and a scoop of toblerone in a waffle cone. It was ridiculously tasty, but I had way too much... 1 scoop is definitely enough.

They’ll let you try flavours until you find ‘the one’ or rather ‘the three’. Awesome texture, proper Italian ice cream, is this. Love it, you will.