Offering one-stop organic shopping for over 25 years in Wellington and now Auckland. Commonsense Organics has one of the largest selections of organic, gluten free and fair trade products in Aotearoa-New Zealand. We also stock environmentally ...

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Where else can you buy a bamboo toothbrush, organic grains, kombucha and vegan wine. I mean, does everyone not live like this? No. They don't because Commonsense is pretty expensive actually. But also, It's a great place to buy staples, and they do have almost everything under one roof.

Great store with great people and all my favourite organic, sustainable, fairtrade health products. Much love.

Commonsense Organics is the best shop in Wellington for local and organic produce. And I can't go past a bag of Frooze Balls if I'm in there!

friendly helpful service .great knowledge

Instead of trailing the aisles of your local New World for that tricky ingredient listed in a trendy recipe you found on Tumblr or Pinterest, head to Commonsense Organics – it might be a bit pricy, but it will be there, and it will be fresh, organic and great for you. Head here for your kale if you can’t find any at the farmers’ market.

All things good for you - heaps of fresh veg, packaged food items (including vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free) and even tasty cheese and dips, right through to organic skin and haircare. If your insides are feeling a bit down and out, get some of these organic goodies into you.

The name really says it all. Organic foods (including tasty fruits and veges) and products at reasonable prices. With hot lunches catering to all your dietary needs– gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options abound, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and tasty treats (they sell Nice Blocks! Yum!!)

So there is this alternative supermarket called Commonsense Organics, and they have Hemp Milk, and Almond Milk, and Oat Milk!!! So if you’re looking for a non dairy milk substitute that isn’t soy, you just died and went to heaven! Then you get to the cereal and museli section, and it’s all so good you get kinda emotionally overwhelmed - and then you come past the meat alternatives, and if you’re vegetarian it’s like, damn, I have no money to pay my rent now.

Commonsense Organics is a must-visit for any wannabe foodie. Beautiful, locally sourced veg sits alongside gourmet, NZ made pestos and cheeses. Stocking their shelves in keeping with the seasons, this little hangout is in keeping with the 21st century philosophies of environmental sustainability, fair trade and supporting local business. All of this results in some of the freshest looking produce you're likely to see. Take advantage of the online shopping option and share the green-tinted love with friends or family. 

So much deliciousness!