Dixie Browns is a restaurant chain with locations in Taupo and Mount Maunganui. They offer a wide range of delicious food and drinks, including burgers, pizzas, salads, and cocktails. With a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Dixie Browns is the perfect ...

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Around the Left hand side of the Taupo-Nui-A-Tia Lake is a little Hot pool, rigfht on the lake side to, you can't see ikt BUT if you know it, then maybe one day I will JOIN YOU THERE?

I really like starting dinner at Dixie Brown's with one of their homemade soup entrees, especially in winter. It's hard to find really good chicken soup - just like the one nana made - but Dixie Brown's homemade chicken soup comes a very close second! It's packed full with shredded chicken, croutons and winter veggies. Yum!

It’s some stiff competition I think, between Dixie Brown’s and Lone Star in Taupo. Both serve a similar sort of menu and portion sizes, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I love that Taupo can benefit from two awesome big and hearty dine in restaurants. Dixie Brown’s makes a rocking surf n turf - scallop and sirloin stack with just the right amount of garlic butter sauce. So much yum on one plate and definitely worth more than one visit.

I love Dixie Brown's because it's the best date night spot - especially over winter when I'm craving something big and hearty for dinner. My winter go-to is usually their seafood chowder - their entree size is big enough to fill me up too!

I’ve totally jumped on the Dixie Brown’s fan club bandwagon in recent months. While they make absolutely killer yummy pizzas (not the healthiest option), they’ve got a great ‘health club’ menu, which I totally subscribe too. My favourite is their cajun chicken salad - a great healthy lunch option when I feel like taking some timeout from my home ‘office’ and eating out.

There isn’t much I don’t love at Dixie Brown’s. In fact, one of my abosolute loves is their warm chocolate mud cake. MMMmmm, a rich, gooey, chocolate slab the size of your plate, served with cream AND ice-cream. It’s definitely not amazing for my waistline, but who cares? It’s Easter.

Views of the lake, my laptop, free wifi, and a good strong coffee. When I’m working offsite Taupo is my go-to destination. I can get a lot of work done in no time at all, without even having to step foot in the office. Total heaven.

Take a trip down to 1950s retro USA as you step foot into this lakefront establishment that is Dixie Brown’s. Complete with vinyl leather booths, and meal portions large enough to feed the hungriest rugby player after a game, Dixie Brown’s has become renowned Taupo local eatery. I’m a sucker for dessert, and specifically their Croissant Bread and Butter Pudding, served with caramel sauce and cream. Not fantastic for the waistline, but absolutely ideal on the taste buds!

I love Dixie Brown’s Salmon Salad Nicoise, part of the Dixie Brown’s health club menu - beautifully poached South Island Salmon, fresh green beans, olives and tomato, topped with a boiled egg, and some potato, on a mandatory bed of crispy lettuce. It’s got just the right amount of dressing on it too and the portion is fairly big - enough to share actually. A good lunch option at only $19.90.

I love fudge, but Dixie Brown’s took fudge to a whole new level with their caramel fudge milkshake - so good, I should have ordered two. Their banana choc chip milkshake is also up there., so if you are a milkshake lover, this is one place you can’t afford not to try.

Comment by Jeff L.
If you want a real taste thrill, try Dixie Brown's Chilli and Lime milkshake. Scary to think about, but absolutely superb to taste! The subtle hint of Chilli is totally delicious!