We create plant and mineral based cleaners, body care and baby care products that are healthier and safer for you and your family.


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Eco shop

Great natural products that are great for the whole family!

I’ve been living in a flat with very eco-conscious flatmates for two years now, using strictly environment-friendly and sustainable home and personal cleaning products - and I’m now 100% converted. Next time you jump in bed for your pre-sleep Facebook trawling, how about taking that time to research just how rough the chemicals in your average bottle of dishwashing liquid or box of laundry powder are on the environment, instead? The ecostore team have even come up with renewable sugarcane plastic bottles for their goods too, further reducing that carbon footprint of yours. Remember friends - a little each day goes a long way!!

Awesome natural products for the home grind!

Love Ecostore... such great products. Handsoap, dishwashing liquid and powder and washing powder and are all great for super sensitive skin. #shoutme

How could you not love eco store. Environmental friend products! :) and made in nz

Ecostore offers a wide range of products which are very affordable and the fragrance is absolutely amazing. My favarourite is the skin care moiturising lotion. Thanks to Eco Store my skin has now become very soft and smooth.

Great products, good prices and thank goodness for all these wonderful people saving the world, one plant based product at a time!

OMG... this place is amazing... the products actually work. I've annoyingly sensitive skin, and I was recommended some products that work great on my skin. I'm definitely gona re-visit this store everytime I need refills.. Love em!!!!

Perfect products for anybody who cares about the environment, loves to have beautiful things in their home to enjoy. The packaging is so calm and soothing.