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Galatos might just seem like another music and lounge bar to the ordinary eye, but for those who have been frequenting the bar ever since they have pretty valuable memories to take from the place. Brimming with character and color, Galatos doesn’t confine itself to being just a place for music, but instead focus on bringing a variety of acts and entertainment to its audience - whether it be a theatre production, a new rock band launching, or an ethnic dance group giving an intimate performance. Trivia: Galatos is known as the place where people have seen the uber talented yet pre-fame Lorde perform - for 30 bucks. How’s that for a story?

Attended a really good gig here, i love the vibe of this place and the management here are great and easy to talk to about hosting events.

I went to Lorde's FIRST ever concert here in May of 2013, it was a bargain at just $30 and there were only a few hundred people there. A #music event I'll never forget :) Galatos has a great atmosphere, nice size with a cool bar upstairs.

Take four Maori actors, dress them in suits, let them unleash their musical talents and you’ve got the makings of The Modern Māori Quartet.  These four bros have come together from different corners of Aotearoa and are pushing the boundaries to bring you the premiere of their full-length show Ngā Bro E Whā at Galatos Live next month.   Ngā Bro E Whā, that combines acting, singing, dancing as well as showcases playing instruments, promises a trip down memory lane into Aotearoa’s past and present but with The Modern Māori Quartet twist and flavour.  This group of insanely talented Māori performers will be weaving a rich tapestry that draws from local music and stories, as well as integrating international hits throughout the ages with an evening riddled with waiata, humour and charm. “Although we are four actors who graduated from NZ Drama School’s Toi Whakaari, Ngā Bro E Whā is not your typical play.  What started off as an idea that I came up with to ensure that we had work in between acting gigs, combining our love for music and acting, has gone off more than we could have ever imagined,” says James Tito (The Almighty Johnsons and Tu) the brains behind the Modern Maori Quartet.   The other members of The Modern Māori Quartet are Maaka Pohatu (Taki Rua Production’s Strange Resting Places and Sydney Bridge Upside Down), Matariki Whatarau (Go Girls) and Matu Ngaropo (Māori Troilus and Cressida, Korero Mai).   Ngā Bro E Whā, a play on Ngā Hau E Whā meaning the four winds, is directed by Rachel House (The Māori Troilus and Cressida, Hui), with musical direction by Tama Waipara (Fill Up The Silence Album) and choreographed by Nancy Wijohn (Atamira Dance Company).   The Modern Māori Quartet who made a cameo at Everything is Ka Pai, during the recent Auckland Arts Festival, brought the house down.    “But that was just a sample of what Ngā Bro E Whā is set to bring you.  We have been working on the music and devising the storyline injected with heaps of humour,” says Tito.   Ngā Bro E Whā is produced by Teresa Brown of Boss and is on at Galatos Live from Oct 3-9, 7 pm.  Tickets:  Dash Tickets, ph 0800 327 484 or see  

Great location. Heaps of space. I always have fun at Galatos.

With lots of live acts coming through Auckland, Galatos is really upping their game! The refurbishments over the past few years have made it into a fantastic live venue. The bar staff are polite and quick and the door staff are friendly, which actually means a lot to me! I hate feeling harassed from the moment I get to a bar. These guys are really friendly and only get serious if they need to. Tickets are generally pretty affordable too. The little bar upstairs serves as a welcome breather from the large dance floor downstairs too.

As a venue it seems like Galatos isn’t used as much as it used to be. Anyways, every so often the venue hosts a great show and the dingy, cave like establishment comes to life. Although the sound is sometimes lacking, the venue makes up for it in character.

As part of the pride festival a great debate took place here!Auckland MPs Nikki Kaye and Jacinda Adern, went head to head debating for and against - "Marriage is a Queer notion" Noise control was called as we all got very into the debate! It was an exiting night and this was a great venue for it!