Gordon Harris - The Art & Graphic Store is proudly New Zealand owned and operated by the Harris family since 1975.


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Great range of spraypaints. For artistic and legal purposes of course.

Almost overwhelmingly stuffed with everything you could possibly ever need or want when it comes to art supplies, it’s easy to get lost in aspirational dreams about all those water-colours you’d like to do rather than actually getting what you need.

Gordon Harris is your one-stop shop for art supplies; they've got a huge range that will suit beginners doing craft projects or art students or professional creative projects for work and home. My favourite is the poster board they have for art lessons/courses/life drawing classes etc that's up just on the right when you go in the door. Whenever I have an arty question, the staff are quick to help and they are clued up on what are the right materials to use. Big store too, lots of stock. I'd recommend it, definitely.

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