If you want to go for a nice walk or have a day of activities with the family then head here. Hamilton Lake Domain is located in central Hamilton and has a long history as one of Hamilton’s premiere parks.
It is a significant recreational facility for residents of Hamilton City and beyond due to its attached lake and large open areas.

The lake attached, known as Lake Rotoroa, caters for water based recreational activities such as yachting, wind surfing, canoeing, raft racing and a range of informal activities like feeding ducks or fishing.


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Hamilton Lake Domain is a perfect date spot to wow he/she with a home prepared picnic. It's vast grounds and lake also make it a great spot for family days out - an also a totally safe spot for kids to run free. With summer coming up this local hot spot should be on everyone's to do lists.

Such a relaxing, peaceful place for a stroll. Probably the prettiest, greenest spot you can go in the city to feel like you're not in the city! I like people watching and taking some bread to feed the ducks.

Nice when it isn't too busy to take the kids down for a play & feed the ducks.

Mean place to chill n walk around also to have peace n quiet to dance n listen to music

I love coming here when my family come over for the day from Mount Maunganui especially if we over to watch a Chiefs game thta my sons and husband are huge fans of, Like taking the kids for a walk and even getting to feed the ducks

Stunning walking track so close to everything. Beautiful. LOVE IT!!! #hair

One of our favourite spots, Hamilton Lake is where we take the kids regularly for a great family day out. The kids love to take their scooters and whiz around the paths and my boy loves football so we kick it around on the grass. It’s one of the places that I recommend visitors go to when they come to Hamilton because it’s such an iconic spot.

This place makes you feel like you're not in a city at all. The water, people feeding ducks, kids biking around or playing on the playground, the nice cafe, and general relaxed feeling is awesome - come here on your lunch break to take a breath of fresh air before heading back into the office, and bring some bread to feed the birds!

A great place to take a walk on the weekend. Gorgeous in the sun!

You can't beat a nice stoll around the Hamilton Lake on a nice day! Especially after having a yummy breakfast from the Verandah cafe before hand!