Le Moulin Bakery is a bit of a Wellington institution, serving a delicious range of breads and sweet treats to their many loyal customers. Hidden behind a rather unglamorous exterior on Willis Street, the fabulous French-style bakery is known for serving freshly baked baguettes, traditional French pastries, croissants, pizza breads and their tasty curry puffs.

Made with only the freshest ingredients, you can enjoy a little slice of Paris in the heart of Wellington.

Try their popular mille-feuille with layers of cream filling and buttery puff pastry topped with chocolate icing.

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Probably one of Wellington’s best kept secrets, Le Moulin looks suspiciously inconspicuous from the outside. The tiny upper Willis street store is home to what are undoubtedly the best pasties in town. The danishes and croissants taste right out of paris, possibly even better, who am I to say?

This bakery is incredible. One of the better kept (but not that well kept) secrets of the upper Willis region. Get in there early and prepare to be blown away by the freshly baked delights - savoury and sweet!

Le Moulin is the most buzzed-about bakery in Wellington. Go for a chocolate eclair, or pick from their array of fresh bread– their baguettes and croissants are, of course, incredible. But get ‘em while they’re hot! They close at 2 pm, but have been known to sell out much earlier.

A wonderful place to be on a quiet, early afternoon. I'd never seen (smelled!) so many brioches, souffles, eclairs and quiches crammed into so small an area. There was even a small queue running out the door. You might find yourself accidentally spending $20 on almond croissants.