LOADED is New Zealand's premier street fashion and sneaker store, stocking a fine mix of local and international brands. We are located on High Street and Broadway in Auckland.


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Probably the best streetwear store you can come a cross in Auckland. Stocking a wide range of streetwear brands they just know what people want and I can’t forget their space downstairs dedicated to shoes. A sneaker-heads dream.

Mean clothes

Sick chlothes

For the sneaker heads - if you love kicks then this is one of only a few places that stocks limited edition runs and exclusives.

Fresh kicks, limited editions, new releases - this is one of the best places for sneaker heads to get their fix. Located on High St you can also find new threads, caps and accessories

If you’re after casual shoes for winter you need to go to Loaded - they have a whole basement room devoted to footwear. They always have the latest trending styles and brands, from the newest Nike runners to high top wedge trainers and limited edition styles in incredible colourways.