Ludus Magnus is a group fitness training environment, with classes to suit. Time to unleash your inner gladiator. Have Fun, Train Hard, Belong!

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Best Gym in New Zealand! Train Hard. Have Fun. Belong!

I haven’t personally been to one of the classes but what it has done for a lot of mates is more than impressive. When they use to shoot the TV series Spartacus this is where they got them chiseled. One of the trainers is League Great Rueben Wiki - so you know it’s real

Phenomenal cardio work and a great team environment to keep you motivated while shredding for summer. Easy as.

One of the most intense workouts you will ever have! This isn’t a standard gym, it’s more like a boot camp. And it will kick your ****! It’s tough, but doing it with a group of others makes it fun and the instructors are really great. Go here if you want FAST results!

Love this place!

This is one hardcore workout, but it is addictive and keeps you coming back. Joe and the team make every class different to the last so you never know what you in store for! It’s so exciting!

Lost a kg a week for ten weeks when I first joined Ludas! Hard work, nice team spirit

I've never been to a gym in my life all seemed boring to me, got along to Ludus as a mate was going a bit and discovered the best fitness experience ever. Ludus is awesome! Joe and the team are great. Best results I've ever experienced from a work out. Ludus is a real community.

Train insane or stay the same!

Wicked gym - get in, get on with the business, work hard, feel it!!  Awesome variety in a well planned 1 hr session - easily accommodated large numbers - just the right amount of supervision eg there if you need it but not in your face.  Trained with Nz celeb sports people but not at all intimidating.  Fine for all levels - but not for the soft.  Parking is a bit of a mish but there is plenty of 1 hour about 500m away. Awesome experience - could be addictive!