Nic Nac's is a fun little store in the heart of Cuba Street in Wellington. With a whole wall dedicated to an array of delicious confectionery imported from across the World and with old favourites that you will know and love from your childhood.

Nic Nac's is a bright, colourful store that will have your children's eyes widening and their mouths drooling. Pop into this local dairy for some sweet delights and take a walk down memory lane.

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English, American, German and UK Imported Confectionery, Pick'n Mix sweets


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Sweet-tooths beware, you will leave with empty pockets, and a sugar high. Nic Nacs range of confectionaries is above and beyond any other dairy in Wellington, and it is one of the few places with such an impressive selection of imported treats. The pic n' mix area is self-service, and you pay per weight, so a lot of self control is required!

For you’re more ‘traditional’ American imported chocolates, Nic Nacs is the place. With seemingly everything on the shops shelves, you’ll probably find something that looks tasty, or old favourites you haven’t had in a while. Best confectionary store in Wellington.

gud service

Nic Nac's has the best selection of confectionary of any dairy or supermarket in Wellington. With bags of old-fashioned lollies sold in mixtures by the gram, as well as imports like Pop Tarts, Lucky Charms cereal and Twinkies from America, there's plenty to satisfy your curiosity – as well as your sweet tooth. (And there's like, teabags and toilet paper and normal dairy stuff too.)

This Cuba Street dairy has the most incredible selection of American (and I think English) sweets and chocolates. They also have some pretty nifty savory items on hand like pre-prepared curries, and an excellent drinks cabinet (or three)

Formerly a normal dairy, in recent years Nic Nac’s has become an incredible supplier of boutique sweets and chocolates. The English import range in particular is amazing.

A collection of imported sweet, sugary goodies from all over the globe. Resisting the temptation to pop in here every time I pass by is difficult, especially since it happens to be most days. Feel like a toddler again as you scoop up 100 grams of lollies into your little bag. Taking a trip down sweet-toothed nostalgia alley is no bad thing once in a while (but just not every day!).

Every type of New Zealand, British, or American candy is available here so you can load up on pop tarts, twizzlers, or jaffa cakes.

This Cuba Street candy store is a treasure chest of sugary treats. Pick and mix was pretty great back in the day when 50 cents would get you a mountain of colourful lollies, but Nic Nac’s takes it to a new standard of lolly choosing. Here you can grab a bag and a scoop and pick exactly how many of each type of candy you would like to savour (or gobble). Nic Nac’s also supplies a range of different types of ‘junk food’ from around the world.

Candy candy candy candy candy candy candy!