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Definitely my favourite op shop on K Rd! They’ve got a huge selection and have sectioned off their clothes into women’s, men’s, dresses, business, designers, and so on, plus the clothes are arranged by colour. They occasionally have half price specials on different coloured tags, students get 10% off, and a loyalty card too - every $10 earns you a stamp and once you’ve spent $90 you get a $10 voucher. The staff are fantastic too! So if you love a good clothing hunt, this is definitely the shop to go to - just keep track of time if you’re short of it because hours can go by in the blink of an eye in there.

An awesome little shop that my Nanna started taking me to years ago! :)

You have to rummage around in this store a bit to find what you want, but the colour coordinated racks make it easy to go looking for specifics. The turnaround of the stock here is amazing too, I often come back a couple of weeks between visits to find completely new stuff, which is awesome. The wall mural in the shop is also super cute, and well worth a good look.

One of my favourite second hand shops in Auckland, you can spend hours in this place and walk out with bags of new threads without breaking the bank.

Love this place! So many treasures buried in here, Love being able to score a unique outfit for very little coin! I would definitely recommend to others who enjoy finding a bargain or like to find items that not many people have in order to stand out from the crowd. In my experience the staff have always been super friendly and helpful too xo #NZFW

I'm mad for second-hand shopping and Paper Bag Princess always has lots of hidden gems, lots of stock and a high turn-over so you know that there will be all new delights next time you visit. Everything in store is less than $20 so you can't go wrong really. Plus if you have a b-card there is a 10% discount on their already low prices.

Always good for a quick pop in.

WOW, I never knew pre-loved like this until now, their stuff is beautiful :)

Krd is swamped with op shops but Paper Bag Princess has always managed to stand out from the rest. Everything is $20 and under, which is hard to find at an inner city op shop these days. This is not the place for shoppers who need a few hours to decide whether or not to make a purchase. Chances are while you are trying to decide whether to get the jacket or the shoes another eager beaver will have made the decision for you and you will be left forever wondering what if. All proceeds go to charity, so this is shopping with a conscious at its finest.

Love this place. Everything is organised by colour and illustrations and quotes from The Robert Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess cover the walls. The clothes are always in good condition and the staff are lovely. And the Inner Link bus stops right outside. How convenient!