The Roxy Cinema is a beautifully designed, art deco multi-arts venue, cinema theatre, cafe, restaurant, and events space, located in Miramar, at the epicenter of Wellington's film industry. A perfect venue for film premieres, weddings, conferences, par...

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People with a passion for what they do. Great people, great location, great food.

This is a beautiful and iconic cinema in Wellington that I just love going to. It has homely comforts that make it easy to relax when you're watching a movie.


Great food, wine and movies. I also love the heels and reels events. Such a nice way to spend time with my friends. #blackmores

When the weather is bad but I feel like venturing further afield for a wet weather activity than my usual stomping grounds, the Roxy is a good choice. Its glamorous decor makes it feel a cut above your common or garden trip to the cinema, and the excellent in-house Coco restaurant/cafe/bar means you can hunker down, away from the elements, in the one venue.

Love going to the Roxy! It's a beautiful cinema and always a great experience! #feelgood

With not owning a car a badge of honour many Wellingtonians pride themselves on wearing, it can sometimes be a bit of a hassle to get to the Roxy Cinema, all the way out in Miramar – but it’s well worth the trip for a bit of an old-school glamour, complete with heavy red curtains and Weta Workshop oddities. The in-house bar/cafe/restaurant Coco is and the excellent La Boca Loca Mexican restaurant a couple of doors down are the perfect choices for a pre-movie meal, too.

A great place to escape and spend in an idyllic setting.

Great place to spend a rainy day

The Rozy is the apex of Wellington’s embracing of the high art-low art dichotomy, a high art venue for the lower art entries into the cinematic canon. While far from schlocky, there is something delightful and confusing about the sound of explosions and gunline and pithy oneliners ringing the beautifully restored deco halls.