Spotlight New Zealand are one of the largest and most popular retailers offering a range of products. Come and visit any spotlight retailer store or online to see the full range.


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So much of so much, an ocean of possibilities. Be overwhelmed by all the things you could do with all things. And pipe-cleaners.

For those able and willing to make their own costume, Spotlight is the best place to shop ahead of a theme party. It’s likely you won’t get a better price on felt, glitter and glue anywhere else in the city. It’s a bit of a trek out to Hutt Rd, though, so why not pick up some homewares while you’re out there?

All your crafty costume supplies under one roof - fabric, pipecleaners, paint and much more!

Spotlight’s range of baking goodies might just surprise you. They have everything from tools and trays to decorations, plus all your party favour needs.